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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Pinsir


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Pinsir

In Pokemon Go, the bug types are typically some of the weakest due to their low health pool and weakness to flying and fire types. Though there are some interesting bug Pokemon in the first generation, none if more intimidating than the stag beetle known as Pinsir. Unlike most bug Pokemon, Pinsir actually has no evolution, thus making him both more difficult to level up and trickier to locate out in the wild. Since he has no previous evolutionary form, that means you will need to either catch a high CP Pinsir or find locations where they show up with incredible frequency. Thankfully, we have found some locations and tips to help you nab this elusive, horrific beetle

One area that has a higher number of Pinsirs seem to be large urban environments such as New York City or Chicago. Look for areas with high PokeStop locations as these will normally have a lot of active lures, which can help draw this Pokemon out from the wild. Another location for hunting Pinsir are forest or grassland areas such as open parks or along hiking trails. Much like Scyther, this Pokemon is also spotted often in large wooded areas which is quite nice since Pokemon GO won’t limit players to certain areas.

Don’t forget, you can actually hatch a Pinsir from a 10km egg in case your luck with finding one out in the world isn’t great. Though if you do encounter one naturally, make sure to use Razz Berries so he is easier to catch since they have a habit of running away. I’ve personally caught two in a large city and both took several Pokeballs. With some luck and a bit of patience, this powerful Pokemon will be yours.

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