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Pokemon GO: How Many Steps Are in 1 Kilometer


Pokemon GO: How Many Steps Are in 1 Kilometer

Got to get those steps in

While playing Pokemon GO you will come across Eggs in the wild, usually by interacting with Pokestops to find free items. There are numerous different types of Pokemon Eggs which can hatch into all different type of Pokemon, but in order to hatch them, you will have to do some work. Each player will start out with an Egg Incubator, which will allow you to hatch an Egg after a certain amount of steps have been taken.

The steps required to hatch Eggs are tracked by Kilometers. Whether it two kilometers or 10 kilometers, the big questions fans of Pokemon GO are wondering: How many steps are in a Kilometer? Well, the answer is there are 1,320 steps in one kilometer. So regardless of how many kilometers you need to hatch a certain Egg, you will have to work for it in the form of walking.

Have you had any luck hatching any rare Pokemon? If so, be sure to tell us your story down below. Check out our ever-expanding Location Guide, and for everything else Pokemon GO, here’s our Ultimate Guide filled with everything you need to know.


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