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Pokemon GO: Do Pokemon Get New Moves When They Evolve


Pokemon GO: Do Pokemon Get New Moves When They Evolve

To evolve, or not to evolve?

In Pokemon GO, you’ll be able to evolve the various Pokemon that you catch while out on your adventures. Each Pokemon will come with two random moves that you can use in Gym battles. You’ll also have the option of upgrading your Pokemon’s CP by feeding them candy and Stardust. However, before spending any unnecessary resources on powering up your Pokemon, it’s usually best to get them evolved to their final forms before deciding if you want to power them up.

The big reason for that is, your Pokemon’s move sets can actually change when they evolve to the next stage. Thanks to the Reddit users over at TheSilphRoad, here’s a Google doc showing off all the possible moves each Pokemon can get access to at different evolution stages. As you can see, Caterpie doesn’t get any new standard moves until it evolves into Butterfree where it can get access to the Confusion attack.

The short answer is, yes, your Pokemon will likely get new moves whenever you evolve them, but keep in mind that some moves may be locked out until you reach the final evolution stage. Also, it’s best not to think too much about powering up their CP until you’ve evolved them completely. A high CP Pokemon might end up having a subpar move set, as compared to another Pokemon with lower CP. Make sure you’re happy with their final move sets before you start powering them up with Stardust and candy.

With this, you’re now ready to breed a powerful army in Pokemon GO, and it’s time to take over the Gyms.

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