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Pokemon GO: How to Make PokeStops


Pokemon GO: How to Make PokeStops

Pokemon GO is out and players all around the world are battling their creatures at Gyms, searching for their beloved favorites, and making new friends at their local PokeStops.

While it’s likely that many trainers are lucky enough to have a PokeStop just around the corner from them, others may have to travel quite a way before they can top up on some Poke Balls and other items. Therefore, the obvious question that arises is: can you make your own PokeStop at a nearby location? While players can’t do this instantly, they can submit a request for a PokeStop here. Only businesses can be submitted, but if your area is low on PokeStop locations, it’s worth a shot.

While it’d certainly be a cool feature to be able to make your own PokeStop yourself, it’d cause a few balancing issues and it wouldn’t be too long until we were all drowning in a sea of PokeStop symbols on our maps in Pokemon Go. If you do live quite a way out from them, it’s always a good idea to make a special trip out there and hang out for a while during the day to catch some Pokemon, get as many items from it as possible, and maybe talk to some other trainers while you’re there.

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