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Pokemon GO: How to Make Gyms


Pokemon GO: How to Make Gyms

Pokemon GO is out and players are already visiting their local Gyms in order to try and take control of them in the name of their team. The battle between Mystic, Instinct, and Valor has only just begun.

With players starting to really train their Pokemon up in order to battle them against their rivals, the question has arisen as to whether players can make their own Gyms. While players can’t do this instantly, as it would lead to a pretty intense influx of Gyms and upset of the PokeCoin economy, they can submit a request for a new Gym location here. Only businesses can be submitted, but it’s worth a shot if your area is low on Gyms.

Hopefully you don’t live too far away from your local Gym, but in case you can’t spot one from where you live, go for a quick walk or car trip around your neighborhood. Niantic has been pretty good at placing Gyms relatively close to most populated areas, even if you live in a small town. Just remember to stay safe and aware while you’re out adventuring.

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