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Play 2016 Offers 4 Beautiful New PS4 Games For a Discount


Play 2016 Offers 4 Beautiful New PS4 Games For a Discount

Grab up to 40% off if you pre-order them together.

Starting now, four new games are available for pre-order on the PS4. Part of Sony’s Play 2016 event, PS Plus members will receive 20 percent off pre-orders for any of the included titles. Additionally, buy two or more of the games before August 23 and you will receive a 20 percent off coupon for a single purchase. And yes, you can use both discounts at once.

Play 2016, PS4

Kicking things off next week, Headlander releases July 26. From Double Fine, the studio behind Psychonauts, Brutal legend, and Grim Fandango, Headlander is 70s sci-fi inspired platformer. In a world where humanity now has robotic bodies, you play as a hero that is simply a head in a helmet. Jetting around, you can take control of different bodies. Needless to say, it’s a little weird, but in the good way.

Next, on Aug 2, comes ABZÛ. Described as a “beautiful, dreamy underwater adventure,” it is the first game from Giant Squid, the studio founded by Flower and Journey Art Director Matt Nava.

Then there is [email protected] on August 9. Complete with a totally unique art style, [email protected] is a stylish dungeon crawler announced at PlayStation Experience last year. “Choose your hero – Ranger, Mage, Warrior, or Amazon – then descend into a dangerous world constructed entirely from ASCII characters.”

And finally, rounding out the list, Bound releases Aug 16. Combining modern dance with 3D platforming, it certainly promises to be something different. With the player only able to transverse the fantastical game world through dance, Bound tells the story of a woman revisiting memories of her children.

Pre-ordering any of the four Play 2016 games will also net you an exclusive PS4 theme for each.

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