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Overwatch’s ‘Ana Amari’ Patch is Now Live on PS4, ‘Hopefully Later Today’ on Xbox One


Overwatch’s ‘Ana Amari’ Patch is Now Live on PS4, ‘Hopefully Later Today’ on Xbox One

Some big changes and a new face.

Today on the game’s official forums, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that the latest PC patch that added new new sniper support mom Ana Amari is now live on the PS4, and “hopefully later today” on the Xbox One.

Ana, who is Pharah’s mother, functions like a support that can also snipe from a distance. She can heal friendlies by shooting them, put enemies to sleep with a sleep dart, and halt the healing of enemies with her biotic grenade.

The patch is a whopping 2GB, which makes sense, as it adds not only Ana Amari, but all of her sprays, skins, and emotes to the game as well. This patch also brings a slew of new character changes and balances, most notably those of tank hero D.VA, support hero Zenyatta, and Overwatch’s favorite cowboy, McCree.

D.VA’s changes completely overhaul her defense matrix, and now make it more comparable to how Reinhardt’s shield works. She can now summon the matrix whenever she wants with a meter on cooldown. McCree’s effective range has been altered, meaning he’ll do more damage from a distance than before. Zenyatta now has 50 more shield health, as well as equal damage with is primary and secondary attack. He now also moves much faster when using his ultimate Transcendence.

What do you think of these changes to Overwatch?


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