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Overwatch: How to Get Competitive Points


Overwatch: How to Get Competitive Points

Gotta work for those golden guns!

Competitive points can only be obtained from playing the new ranked mode in Overwatch. By accumulating competitive points, players will be able to purchase special golden weapons from the hero gallery, and equip them as a badge of honor to show off the time and effort they’ve put into the ranked mode. Right now, there are only two ways of earning competitive points in Overwatch.

Winning a ranked match: You can earn one competitive point by winning a ranked match in Overwatch. It doesn’t matter how many objectives you clear in a match, you can only gain them through winning the entire match. This means that you’ll have to win 300 matches if you want to get enough competitive points to buy your first golden gun for a character.

By performing well: At the end of the season, your overall performance for the season will be judged, and you’ll be awarded a certain amount of competitive points based on how well you did. This means that if you were good at fulfilling your roles based on the characters you chose to play as during the competitive season, you’ll be able to earn more points at the end of it.

Right now, these are the only two surefire ways of earning competitive points in Overwatch. How many have you picked up so far? Let us know in the comments down below.

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