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No Man’s Sky Will Only Take Up 6GB of Space On Disc

no man's sky

No Man’s Sky Will Only Take Up 6GB of Space On Disc

The entire universe… at only 6GB of space.

No Man’s Sky will allow players to explore a total of 18 quintillion planets, along with multiple galaxies in the game. However, if you were worried about the amount of space the game would take up on your PS4 and hard drive, allow Hello Games’ Sean Murray to put those fears to rest.

According to him, the game will only take up 6GB on disc. Furthermore, most of that space will be taken up by audio and sound effects. This makes sense. Considering that the planets and stars in No Man’s Sky are all procedurally generated, there’s no need for the game to take up too much space because the game itself will be generating the galaxy on the fly as you explore them.

Sean Murray has also previously mentioned that leaving a planet behind to explore other systems will delete that planet’s existence (you can always go back there, of course) and this will help to free up more space in the procedurally generated world. Isn’t technology incredible?

No Man’s Sky is set to be released for the PS4 and PC on August 9.

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