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Nintendo’s Market Value Now Worth More Than Sony’s


Nintendo’s Market Value Now Worth More Than Sony’s

Nothing can stop the Nintendo train!

Nintendo’s market value has been greatly bolstered by the release of Pokémon GO and it now outdoes Sony’s, being valued at over $39 billion.

As you can see from the chart below, Nintendo’s market value has been lower than Sony’s for over a year but, with the release od Pokémon GO, Nintendo is now ahead of Sony thanks to a sudden boost. The company’s sudden rise doesn’t stop there. Last week the company set a record for the most shares traded in a single day on the Japanese market. On Friday, over 476 billion yen ($4.5 billion) in shares were sold, according to Bloomberg.


It’s important to remember that Nintendo only owns about a third of the Pokémon company which published the hit new game. All the same, this is still incredibly impressive and the folk over at Nintendo arte no doubt very proud. The company is yet to release an official statement on how Pokémon GO has helped its earnings, but no doubt it has helped a lot.

Pokémon GO has become a huge success despite not even being available worldwide as of yet. Yesterday several new countries got the game including Canada, Greece, Ireland, and Sweden. As we reported last week, the mayor of Rio De Janerio has asked Nintendo to release the game in time for the Summer Olympics.

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