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New Metroid Prime: Federation Force Gameplay Actually Looks Like a Fun 3DS Shooter


New Metroid Prime: Federation Force Gameplay Actually Looks Like a Fun 3DS Shooter

A fun 3DS first-person shooter?

After a year-long drought of information, it looks like Metroid Prime: Federation Force is still in development with a release on the horizon. And today, Nintendo released new gameplay to prove it.

We haven’t heard much about Federation Force, a team-based FPS for the 3DS, since it was announced last year at E3. The game was noticeably absent from E3 this year while Nintendo opted to focus primarily on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Pokemon Sun and Moon.

In the gameplay video above, we saw four developers team up and take on one of the game’s 22 co-operative missions. Most notably, the game actually seemed to control well for being a first-person shooter on the 3DS (likely thanks to the New 3DS’s second analog nub). We learned a lot of new details about Federation Force, like that Samus is indeed in the game, but doesn’t seem to be playable. She’ll be assisting the Federation Force as a tactical commander role.

Interestingly, while the game will support single-player play, producer Kensuke Tanabe urged viewers that the difficulty does not scale according to play count, so the game will be significantly harder when playing alone. This seems like an odd decision, as it limits casual play to multiplayer only. Thankfully, the game does support both LAN and online multiplayer.

Tanabe also took time to touch Metroid Prime: Blast Ball, which was announced at the same time as Federation Force last year. He announced that Blast Ball would be included with Federation Force at not additional cost, and that a free demo would be available on the Nintendo EShop starting today.


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