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NBA Live Mobile: How to Get Coins


NBA Live Mobile: How to Get Coins

NBA Live Mobile is here and it’s time to make the ultimate NBA team, on the go. Coins are one of the currencies within the game and are much easier to get a hold of than NBA Cash, thankfully.

Simply put, playing the game will earn you more and more coins. As of now, it’s not possible to buy yourself coins with microtransactions, but it’s so easy to get them that you shouldn’t find the need to. Go to the Live Events map that will show you everything you’re able to do at the time, and playing through whatever will garner you coins. You’re even told how many you’ll earn when you first tap on the event to start it.

Of course, bigger events like the season games will gain you far more coins. Each quarter adds to your total and then completing and winning the match will gain you a bonus that’s noted. My first season game earned me 400 coins, for example.

So get out there, play the game, win some events, and you’ll have amassed a lot of coins in no time!

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