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NBA Live Mobile: How to Alley Oop


NBA Live Mobile: How to Alley Oop

NBA Live Mobile is mobile gaming’s latest answer to a basketball simulator. You’ll take control of players on the court, forge a lineup, and play through entire seasons with your team of choice. Something that isn’t really explained by the game in the tutorial or help menu, though, is how to alley oop.

If you want to initiate it, what you need to do is wait until there is an NPC teammate that is going in to the appropriate dunking zone. You know, closest to the net. Once you see them running through that, you have a chance to initiate the alley oop by holding down the pass button in their direction. If it works, though rare, it will start the alley oop and you will need to slide to the shoot button.

If you want to perform the alley oop, your NPC teammate needs to be in the same position you were in, in the last example. They need to have the ball and be facing you, at an appropriate distance. You, on the other hand, must be making moves towards the net. It’s rare, but it could happen that they try to get you to alley oop. Some users have reported this method has worked for them.

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