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Naughty Dog Tells the Story Behind Uncharted 4’s Ridiculous Dance Taunts

Uncharted 3, Dance Taunts, behind the scenes

Naughty Dog Tells the Story Behind Uncharted 4’s Ridiculous Dance Taunts

Bust a move.

Uncharted 4 launched back in May and was immediately met with praise for its well developed characters, dramatic story and dance moves? One of the stranger things players found in the game, were dance taunts that you could use in multiplayer matches. These taunts had Nathan Drake, Elena and the rest of the crew pulling off moves like The Pope and Lock, The Robot and The Dab. It was hilarous to watch our favorite characters bust a move in the middle of a match, and fans around the internet made various videos setting the dancing to music.

In an new post and video on the PlayStation Blog, Scott Lowe the senior communications manager of Naughty Dog, took some time to tell us how those sweet dance moves game to be, and show some behind-the-scenes footage of their making. About halfway through production one of the animators suggested that they add dance taunts into Uncharted 4’s multiplayer. The team at Naughty Dog thought things over, before realizing what a great idea it was.

They brought on the help of professional choreographers Matt Steffanina and Dana Alexa for motiona capture. The two were actually brought on because the daughter of Jeremy Yates, lead animator at Naughty Dog, had seen one of Steffanina’s YouTube videos. “This was a new experience for both us and them,” says Yates. Both Steffanina and Alexa talk about how tight the suit was, and how difficult it was to move around in.

Apparently, when work on the mocap started Naughty Dog was only planning on capturing the dancing and not any movement in the dancer’s faces. That quickly changed however, “So much of it is in the facial expressions. There’s so much attitude in there.” says Yates. The dance moves were a chance for the team at Naughty Dog to break away from the seriousness of the story, and work on something fun. Take a look at the full video down below.

A recent update for Uncharted 4’s multiplayer called Lost Treasures, added on new dance taunts among other multiplayer improvements. Did you like the addition of dance taunts for Uncharted’s multiplayer mode? Is it something you wish more games made an option? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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