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Naruto Online: How to Take Screenshots in the Game


Naruto Online: How to Take Screenshots in the Game

Naruto Online has officially released from Bandai Namco and Oasis Games, and it’s the first official MMORPG on PCs for the iconic series. You’re able to adventure through a new story filled with Naruto, his friends, his enemies, and all of the hokages you can dream of. It’s an RPG, so you’ll be leveling your characters up and fighting a lot of baddies in turn-based combat. Naturally, being a fan, you might want to take photos of your adventures, and luckily the game makes it very easy to do so.

As is true for all games, you can take a screenshot the normal way by hitting CTRL on your keyboard and then PRINT SCREEN together. However, you can also download the game client and simply hit the icon found in the top left corner of the client that looks like scissors on a square.

Naruto Online Print Screen

Simply clicking that will take a screenshot of the game screen and automatically save it to your desktop. So easy! No need to have it saved your clipboard or anything. You’ll be able to share your ninja’s journey with great ease this way.

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