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Monster Hunter Generations: How to Get Fishing Bait


Monster Hunter Generations: How to Get Fishing Bait

Monster Hunter Generations is upon us, and like any detail-oriented game, that means new questions arise. We’ve covered how to fish, but what about making sure you’re stocked up on the lures you’ll need to attract rarer fish? With quests requiring that you catch certain finned friends, hunters are going to need to stock up on the basics as well as some more enticing bait to pull in the desired fish.

Generations, much like real fishing, keeps things simple at first. Hunters can fish without bait, or can dig up worms from the mud to attach to your line. While worms are plentiful, they’re not exactly a high-interest item for the game’s more elusive fish. For this, you’ll need a couple of different things found in a few spots. Snakebee Larva, found in beehives and other honey-collection spots, is one of the most important. The bonus here is you’ll also be collecting a ton of honey, which is very useful in other item combos that you’re likely to be using a lot.

Other than scouring honeycombs for Snakebee Larva, the intrepid fisher will want to catch plenty of bugs. Fireflies combine with the Snakebee Larvae to make Goldenfish Bait, and you’ll also scoop some Mega Fishing Flies into your net. As usual, hitting the spots further out from your base camp often yields the best results, so explore far and wide, and make sure you’ve got plenty of bug nets in stock. You’ll be rolling in the rare bait in no time, and have no trouble reeling in those valuable fish.

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