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Monster Hunter Generations: How to Get Armor Spheres


Monster Hunter Generations: How to Get Armor Spheres

With Capcom’s Monster Hunter Generations now out, there’s bound to be some new players trying out the series. Generations, like the other games in the series, requires players to be adept at collecting the right items in order to craft better or more appropriate gear. Of course, upgrading your gear is also crucial to staying ahead of the curve and surviving in the field. For this, you’ll need Armor Spheres. We’ll take a look at how to keep these precious necessities in good supply.

At the beginning of Monster Hunter Generations, you won’t run across any Armor Spheres. After completing a certain number of missions, though, the Bhern smithy will fork over a handful of them to teach initiate hunters how to improve their armor. From that point forward, they can be obtained by other means.

Firstly, they’re available by mining. While they’re a great deal harder to find than rocks, iron ore, and other materials, they do pop up more frequently as you unlock areas tied to higher-tier Quests.

The other option that Generations offers, and by far the easier option, is down at the Palico ranch. As players progress, a merchant Palico will take up residence at the ranch. This allows players to send their Felyne friends out to barter for certain items. Shortly after arriving, the trader begins selling his own wares outright. Among those wares? All the Armor Spheres you can throw Zenny at. From then on, as long as you’re pulling in some cash with Quests, you’ll be rolling in style.

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