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Mobius Final Fantasy Gets a Western Release Date on Mobile and an Announcement Trailer

Mobius Final Fantasy, Mobile, release date

Mobius Final Fantasy Gets a Western Release Date on Mobile and an Announcement Trailer

A new Final Fantasy tale on mobile.

The latest in Square Enix’s line of Final Fantasy games is making its way west, as the company just announced a U.S. release date of August 9 for Mobius Final Fantasy via a new trailer. The game is free-to-play, and coming to both iOS and Android.

Mobius Final Fantasy is an RPG with an original storyline, crafted specifically for mobile devices with HD graphics. It’s spearheaded by renowned Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase, who’s worked on Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X and the VII Remake. The story is written by Kazushige Nojima responsible for Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X and Kingdom Hearts. Mobius has a fast paced battle system that looks similar to Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII, and it also has a job system with classes like Ranger, Dark Knight and Black Mage.

The story of Mobius revolves around a young man named Wol, who wakes up in a strange land called Palametia with no memory of his past. Here’s a basic overview of the story from Square Enix,

“This world is not your home, For you hail from elsewhere. All you have ever known is war. All your memories have vanished. You’ve drifted without them to the land of Palamecia. There are many outsiders here like you. With your past erased from memory, they have begun to call you The Blanker. Though you have lost your past, you may still hold the future. In Palamecia, there is a prophecy: ‘When despair enshrouds the world, a Warrior of Light shall appear.’

This world is under siege by the evil armies of Chaos. In accordance with the prophecy, a hero with no past will arise to save the world. Among the blankers, there is one, perhaps even you, Who will emerge as the legendary Warrior of Light. Fight for the future, Blanker, and bring hope to Palamecia.”

Pre-registration for Mobius Final Fantasy has opened on the game’s official website, with a tier list of rewards for players depening on how many people register.

Are you interested in playing Mobius Final Fantasy? Did you play Square’s last mobile outing, Brave Exvius? Leave a comment and let us know.


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