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Marvel Ultimate Alliance: How to Unlock Black Panther


Marvel Ultimate Alliance: How to Unlock Black Panther

Marvel Ultimate Alliance is the end all be all fan service game for Marvel fans. You’ll be able to choose from so many iconic superheroes and play through each unique character in Gauntlet-like gameplay. One of the many heroes you can play as is none other than Wakanda’s King, Black Panther.

In order to play as him in the first game, you’ll need to collect five of his figures scattered throughout different levels. Here they all are:

  • Stark Tower: After Stark’s Lab opens up, head down the stairs towards where all the superheroes are standing about and the first figure will be beneath those same stairs.
  • Atlantis: Right before you venture into the water within the Dive Chamber, you’ll find the figure here.
  • Valley of Spirits: Before facing Mandarin, break the Buddha statue to the left.
  • Murderworld: Once you’re able to go through door three, you’ll face clowns. Beat them up and the figure will be with some poison flowers in this area.
  • Mephisto’s Realm: When you need to break graves, you’ll find the figure in one of the empty plots.
  • Bifrost Bridge: When you first enter the ship you need to cross, head to the end of it for the figure.
  • Courtyard of the Gods: Once you’re able to access the area where the superheroes just hang about, check the right side of the hallway.
  • Asgard: Once you find the movable statues, move them to open up the middle. In there, you’ll find a figure and a weapon cache.
  • Niffleheim: Instead of pushing the button to continue on after picking up a spear that will open up an area in this level, look behind the entrance and you should see the figure.

And there you have it! All of Black Panther’s figures. With them, you’ll be able to play as T’Challa all you want!

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