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Luke Cage Brings the Hurt in His New Netflix Trailer


Luke Cage Brings the Hurt in His New Netflix Trailer

He’s gonna need a new hoodie…

After a stylized poster earlier this week, Marvel’s Luke Cage gets a new trailer for his upcoming Netflix series at San Diego Comic-Con.

Played by Mike Colter, the titular hero has super strength and invulnerable skin due to an experiment while he was in prison. Harlem’s in trouble (it’s New York, so everyone who lives there is always in trouble all the time, because comics), so Mike takes it upon himself to do his part. And doing his part involves beating the living crap out of every gangster and crook in town. Good thing he’s got powerful skin, because his hoodie gets shredded by gunfire. And if this trailer is anything to go by, he’s gonna be spending a lot of cash on new clothes.

Luke Cage fights his way to Netflix on September 30. Stay tuned to Twinfinite for more San Diego Comic-Con news.

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