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Juri to be Added to Street Fighter V Roster Next Week


Juri to be Added to Street Fighter V Roster Next Week

Another new challenger has appeared!

Over at San Diego Comic-Con, Capcom announced that fan-favorite fighter Juri will be added to the Street Fighter V roster next week. On July 26, to be more precise.

‘Juri returns to Street Fighter V with a brand new look and some tricks up her sleeves. A trained expert in Taekwondo, Juri also possesses a ki booster called the Feng Shui Engine equipped in her left eye to aid her during battles. She focuses on flashy, fast and furious kicks, and has a wide range of ki-based attacks at her disposal. Her trademark moves are her ki-based fireball attack and pinwheel kick.

What has Juri been up to since defeating Seth? Why is she back? Be sure to check out the free  story DLC “A Shadow Falls” to find out!’

Capcom provided more details on her V-Skill and abilities over at the Capcom Unity blog as well. Juri will also be getting premium skins and costumes when she gets added to the roster, so keep an eye out for that.

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