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New Infinite Warfare Gameplay: Robots, Space Combat, and More


New Infinite Warfare Gameplay: Robots, Space Combat, and More

“We placed a huge focus on storytelling.”

As part of SDCC, Infinity Ward has given fans a whopping thirteen minute long taste of new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare gameplay. Showcasing the opening of the game, the footage includes robotic enemies, plenty of interesting weapons for players to enjoy, and non-stop action right up into orbit.

“Infinite Warfare is a true passion project for all of us. It’s the game we have always wanted to make, and we believe it is something new and special that fans have never seen before,” Taylor Kurosaki Narrative Director says to open the footage. “In order to deliver on that vision, we placed a huge focus on storytelling. Story is at the heart of every great game, so we’re putting our all into it.”

Since little of that storytelling focus appears in the gameplay video, we’ll still have to wait for Infinite Warfare to release November 4 to see if the new focus really pays off. As for what the footage does show, there’s no denying the is continuing the spectacle and massive set-pieces fans have come to love.

In a recent interview about his role as the game’s villain, Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington said, “Like all best villains, [he’s] psychotic and unpredictable. I really enjoyed playing psychotic and unpredictable.”

Meanwhile Infinity Ward also announced the fan-favorite Modern Warfare 2 map Terminal will be returning. Remade for Infinite Warfare, the map will be a pre-order bonus.

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