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5 Improvements Overwatch’s Competitive Ranked Mode Desperately Needs


5 Improvements Overwatch’s Competitive Ranked Mode Desperately Needs

Down with the severe punishment!

More Competitive Points

Overwatch golden revolver

Overwatch’s new competitive ranked mode has some nice incentives for serious players. The golden guns, as advertised by Blizzard, are basically a badge of pride that you can carry around to show other players how much time and effort you’ve put into the ranked competition.

However, as nice as that sentiment is, one golden weapon will cost you 300 competitive points. You can get competitive points by winning a match, and you’ll also be awarded them based on how well you perform by the end of the season. Here’s the catch: you only win one, single competitive point each time your team wins a match. This means that you’ll have to win 300 matches if you want to buy a golden weapon for your favorite character. And well, if you have more than a few favorite characters you’d like to collect weapons for, you’re going to have to win a ridiculous number of matches to get there. And we all know how long a match in Overwatch can last.

Maybe instead of awarding one point per win, perhaps points can be given for each objective achieved within a match. Heck, just having a small increase in points for each win would go a long way too.

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