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I Am Setsuna: How to Get Singularity Effects and What They Are


I Am Setsuna: How to Get Singularity Effects and What They Are

I Am Setsuna, despite being an awesome classic-style JRPG, has a few flaws. One of those flaws is how it fails to explain clearly some of its most important features, especially when it comes to combat. If you’re here reading this, you’re probably feeling that right about now.

Singularity is especially important in I Am Setsuna because in difficult fights, Singularity alongside Momentum can dramatically change the course of a difficult battle. So if you didn’t quite get the game’s original explanation of it, you might be lost on how it actually works and how to use it properly.

I Am Setsuna

First what Singularity is, is a temporary effect that sometimes triggers in a battle that can dramatically boost your effectiveness. For example, one Singularity effect can double the speed of your ATB bar, letting you unleash Tech abilities and attacks twice as fast as normal. Obviously a game changer if you get it. It can also activate more passive effects too like triggering maximum enemy drops. Incredibly useful if your farming for certain spritnite.

The problem is, like Fluxation, Singularity can be pretty difficult and random to trigger. The in-game description gives you this tidbit of info: “Although their true cause is unknown, some say that are a result of the collision of magical energy during battle, which creates distortions in space-time that cause information from another dimension to leak through.”

Your best bet is to use combos, spells, and momentum enhanced tech to their fullest extent in quick succession. By pairing certain powerful magical effects and abilities together, you should be able to give yourself the best chance to trigger a singularity effect. As long as your constantly using abilities and spells, it isn’t uncommon to trigger multiple Singularities throughout a longer battle. We’re still experimenting with the most reliable ways to trigger them (if they exist), and we’ll update this post if we come across them.

For now though, your best bet is to keep using your combos, techs, and spells and eventually, Singularity should occur.

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