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I Am Setsuna: How to Open Locked Chests


I Am Setsuna: How to Open Locked Chests

I Am Setsuna is a fantastic new addition to the JRPG genre that draws much of its style and mechanics from the classics. Unfortunately, this means quite a lot of the game is left without explanation which leaves many players grasping for answers to some of the game’s more mysterious features.

I Am Setsuna, Locked Silver Chest

One of I Am Setsuna’s least explained components are the locked silver chests. These locked chests appear in just about every town and combat zone from the beginning of your adventure and up until the end of it and the game gives no indication on how to open the chests or what they contain. While it isn’t unusual to see something like this in a classic-style JRPG, it can still certainly be frustrating to feel like you may be missing out on something very important. In a game about becoming a powerful hero, missing out on useful items just won’t do, so we’re here to help you in opening those pesky chests so they’ll taunt you no longer.

It may come as a shock to know that the locked chests are opened with, wait for it, a key. Surprising I know. However, the key isn’t in a hidden dungeon or from any side quest. In fact, the key itself, the World Key, is obtained from a story NPC much later in the game. Upon completing the story dungeon and proving your “heroic resolve” to that dungeon’s boss, because you’re a JRPG hero and that’s just what JRPG heroes do, he’ll reward you with the World Key which will allow you to unlock every silver chest in the game.

I Am Setsuna, World Key

Now I know what you are probably thinking, “So I have to backtrack to all those areas again?!” Well don’t worry, just after obtaining the key, you’ll also gain the ability to quickly return to any previously visited location. This is a great thing as well as the locked chests contain some of the most powerful items in the game. So make your way to the boss, show him what for, and you’ll be rolling in unlocked silver chests in no time.


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