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I Am Setsuna: How to Do Combos


I Am Setsuna: How to Do Combos

I Am Setsuna, despite being an awesome classic-style JRPG, has a few flaws. One of those flaws is how it fails to explain clearly some of its most important features, especially when it comes to combat. If you’re here reading this, you’re probably feeling that right about now.

Combos are especially important in I Am Setsuna because these techs are some of the most powerful attacks in the game, and if you didn’t quite get the game’s original explanation of it, you might be lost on how they actually work. Luckily, it’s not all that confusing once you know what to do.

I Am Setsuna

First, before you can use combos in I Am Setsuna, you need to make sure that you have the right spritnite (techs) equipped on the correct characters. When putting together your party in the party menu, you can see what available combos you have by switching in different party members and seeing what combos pop up in the bar that shows the pixelated versions of each character. Play around with different party member combinations and equipped Spritnites to see what you have access to. You can also go to each Spritnite and see what combos they can be used to create.

Next, to actually use combo techs in battle, you’ll need to first obviously make sure you have the correct party members active (only three party members at a time). So for example, an early game combination is X-Strike which needs Endir and Aeterna to pull off. Endir should have Cyclone equipped, and Aeterna should have Charge. Instead of having one of them use the skill right away, wait until they BOTH have their ATB charged and ready to go. Although you need Cyclone and Charge to use X-Strike, you’re not actually using those attacks. Instead, once the ATB on both of them is full, the greyed out X-Strike should become available. Like all other attacks and tech, combos can be enhanced by momentum as well.

That just about does it. Have fun pulling off sick combos in I Am Setsuna!

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