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How Long We Happy Few’s Early Access Is Expected to Last

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How Long We Happy Few’s Early Access Is Expected to Last

Time to start counting down.

We Happy Few, the eery survival game set in an alternative 1960s England, is hitting Xbox One and Steam tomorrow, July 26, though only as an Early Access title. While this is certainly great for players looking forward to finally getting their hands on the game, others will be wondering when they’ll be able to play the full version.

Well, according to the game’s Why Early Access? Q&A on Steam, the game will be in Early Access for quite a while so that the team can get solid feedback on the number of different play styles and characters that players have to choose from.

“Since March 2015, we have been building We Happy Few openly with our community. First at PAX East, then with our Kickstarter pre-alpha players, and soon on Early Access. However, this is a fully 3D procedural world, intended to be played over and over again, with multiple playstyles, and with multiple characters. We need solid feedback to make sure that we create the best game we can, and we think Early Access is the best way to do that.”

With that in mind, Compulsion Games intends for the game to be in Early Access for between six and twelve months. Of course, you should bear in mind that this is an estimation and is subject to change. It all depends on the feedback they receive from players, and any other features that they may want to add in before full release.

If you’re interested in the big differences between the game’s Early Access and full release versions, you can read up on them here.

We Happy Few will launch in Early Access on Steam and Xbox One July 26.

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