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Hotel Dusk Spiritual Successor Chase is Coming to 3DS This Fall

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Hotel Dusk Spiritual Successor Chase is Coming to 3DS This Fall

Kyle Hyde would be proud.

Today during their panel at Anime Expo 2016, Aksys Games announced that the spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed Hotel Dusk, Chase, will finally release in the West this fall on the 3DS eShop with English localization.

Chase: Cold Case Investigations follows the story of two detectives who reopen a five year cold case about a deadly explosion, and was developed by Arc System Works, who also made the critically acclaimed Hotel Dusk: Room 215. Arc System Works previously published Chase as a Japan-only release back in May, but Aksys has taken on the task of its localization and release in the West.

Hotel Dusk is held in high regard among fans of adventure games and visuals novels for its stellar art design, intuitive gameplay on the DS, and fascinating story. The game had players hold the system sideways, and presented players with floor plans on one screen, and 3D representations of the room on the other.

Also during Anime Expo, Aksys Games announced that the first two games in the popular Zero Escape series, 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward, will be receiving ports on unspecified platforms in the future.

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