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Hitman Elusive Target: How to Kill The Gunrunner


Hitman Elusive Target: How to Kill The Gunrunner

An Explosive Finish.

Hitman’s Elusive Targets are some of the most difficult challenges that IO Interactive has come up with. Users will only have one chance to kill the target within 48 to 72 hours of the event launching. If you mess up the kill or your set-up, you’ll need to live with the mistakes. There is no restarting and you can bring in any equipment needed from the starting screen.


This weekend’s Elusive target is the Gunrunner, who is probably the most well-guarded target to date. There’s no sugar coating this mission, IO Interactive decided to make this one of the most challenging kills in the entire franchise. See, the Gunrunner isn’t just surrounded by bodyguards, but stuck in a basement full of soldiers and he has no real path that he walks. This character pretty much stays in one area and doesn’t move unless events cause him too.

However, after a lot of time skulking through the shadows we’ve emerged victorious. Here’s how we killed Hitman’s fifth elusive target, the Gunrunner.

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