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Hideo Kojima Reveals Display Figures for Studio Mascot Ludens


Hideo Kojima Reveals Display Figures for Studio Mascot Ludens

They’ll keep coming.

Hideo Kojima certainly doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to putting his new studio name out there. When Kojima Productions was first unveiled, Kojima teased his fans with the Ludens logo, and it was quite a while before we finally got a look at the full space suit.

As it turns out, Ludens will be getting his very own display figures as well. Kojima took to Twitter to show off some prototypes, and they’re looking pretty good so far. It looks like Ludens will be getting Nendoroid versions of himself…

If that looks a little bit too cutesy for you, there’s no need to worry. Ludens will also be getting Figma displays.

Of course, these are all in the prototype stage right now, so they aren’t for sale. But considering how Kojima has been showing off photos of Kojima Productions merchandise (including tumblers and t-shirts), it’s very possible that these could go into mass production at some point, and be available for public sale. Though I suspect they’ll be available in very limited quantities.

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