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The Nintendo NX Is a High-Powered Mobile Console – Report


The Nintendo NX Is a High-Powered Mobile Console – Report

You might be blowing on cartridges again very soon…

So today the folks at Eurogamer came out with a revealing report about the Nintendo NX, which contains a mass of  intriguing rumours. Let me go ahead and break it down for you.

Nintendo NX

As you can tell from the above image, it looks like Nintendo’s next console will be portable, a handheld device and not something that just lies under your TV.

What makes it even more interesting though is that the middle partition of the device functions as a screen, much like the Wii U. It seems Nintendo are continuing with the novel idea they already had working with their current console.

Even more unusual is the addition of 2 controllers that detach from the sides of the screen, that can apparently be used autonomously to control the device. This sets it apart from the Wii U’s control scheme, and technically would alleviate the need for buying many extra controllers, which is great for multiplayer!

Apparently there will also be some kind of hub for the console that would connect with the controller, so that you can display your games on the big screen. The processing power will be provided by Nvidia’s Tegra chip, which is certainly powerful enough to provide crisp graphics and smooth gameplay.

Probably the most interesting fact gleamed from the report is that the NX will run it’s game using physical based media, namely cartridges. This is a nostalgic step for Nintendo, and a bold move in the ‘digital download’ heavy mobile market.

Hopefully we can see more of the console before it’s planned release of March 2017, but the initial reports are super exciting!



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