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Headlander: How to Beat the Methuselah Titan


Headlander: How to Beat the Methuselah Titan

A true David vs Goliath fight.

Phase One

Headlander, PS4, review

The Methuselah titan is one of the very last things to stand in between you and taking down the evil AI of Headlander. The battle is broken up into three different sections much like the other boss battles earlier on in the game. Here’s what you’ll need to do in each of them in order to take the titan down and finish the fight.

The first part of your face-off with the toughest boss in Headlander is pretty straightforward. It has two moves at its disposal- the ability to knock objects down from the ceiling in the hope that they hit you on the way down, and a powerful laser beam that’ll cut your health down in no time. You can use the latter of these two moves against the titan with the help of your shield.

When you see it powering up and charging its laser, move yourself up towards its head and activate your shield. The Methuselah titan will fire the laser at you before it shooting straying off target toward the ceiling. Simply move up with the laser and make sure that your shield is constantly in between yourself and it. Aim it right, and you’ll bounce the laser back at the titan, cutting its health bar down pretty quickly. Do this twice and you should find the titan stunned. Head over to its glowing blue shoulder and headland onto it before pressing Square to overcharge it.

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