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Headlander: How Long It Is and How Many Objectives There Are


Headlander: How Long It Is and How Many Objectives There Are

Double Fine Productions’ Metroidvania- style side-scroller about a disembodied head has finally released, and players will be jumping into its weird and wonderful sci-fi world. While many players will only just be starting their adventure in this future ruled by an evil AI, some will already be wondering how long the journey is that lies ahead of them.

Headlander has 25 different main objectives for you to tackle on your quest, from being just a head on the Starcophagus ship to defeating the evil AI, Methuselah. However, the game has a little more to offer than just that thanks to a maze of hidden tunnels hiding some handy upgrades and a few other missions up for grabs, should you choose to accept them.

The amount of time you get out of Headlander will come down to how much you want to see of its world. Those who simply want to blast through the main portion of the game will find themselves finishing it in around eight hours, possibly a little bit less. However, completionists out there determined to grab every last collectible and helping each robot citizen in need will find themselves clocking in somewhere between 10-12 hours.

Ultimately, the amount of time you spend with the game determines how much you want to get out of it – simply there for the main story or in it for the long haul and that sweet 100%?


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