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Guild Wars 2 Adds Memorials So Guilds Can Honor Passed Players

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Guild Wars 2 Adds Memorials So Guilds Can Honor Passed Players

Players are expressing lots of gratitude for the game’s new feature.

This week’s Guild Wars 2 patch notes, along with the typical buffs and nerfs, added a new memorial feature hoping to give Guilds the chance to honor fallen friends.

Three different Guild Hall Monument Decorations can now be purchased from the guild market. A Basic Grave Marker, Basic Signpost, or Basic Commemorative Statue can be inscribed with a message up to 140 characters, and up to 50 can be placed in a guild hall for members to observe. The monuments do come at a cost, including 500 Memories of Battle and 50 Bottles of Elonian Wine.

Though introduced with little pomp, the feature is already hitting home for Guild Wars 2 players, some of which have lost multiple friends over the years of play.

“I wanted to thank ArenaNet for the recent additions to the guild hall decorations,” NOR_Zyera said in a Reddit thank you thread. “I am a part of a Multi-MMO gaming guild that has been gaming together since 1992. Sadly, we’ve had our share of members passing away. I am really glad our guild will soon be able to also have a Guild Memorial area ingame, along with the section we have on our site dedicated to our fallen members.”

“You are most welcome,” the development team replied. “I’m really glad we could get them in for you and everyone else who fondly remembers fallen guild members.”

Other users chimed in their gratitude as well, expressing their appreciation and calling the gesture “one of, if not the best addition added.”


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