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Gary Busey is Hitman’s Next Elusive Target

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Gary Busey is Hitman’s Next Elusive Target

This might be a little too fun.

Following an online campaign for fans to “Choose Your Hit,” developer IO Interactive has announced that Hitman’s seventh Elusive Target will be none other than Hollywood’s Gary Busey.

Unlike past Elusive Targets, it looks like anybody looking to carefully plan out Gary Busey’s demise over several days is in luck, as this contract will be available for a full week. The map in question will be the game’s second released level, Sapienza, which is also the game’s largest map to date.

Gary Busey’s contract will go live on Thursday, July 21st, but IO has provided these handy links for the start and end time so you’ll know exactly when it’ll go live where you live. Like with past targets, IO urges players who want a slight advantage going into the contract to download the game’s companion app, as it will send notifications when the contract is live as well as provide the briefing video with clues as to the target’s location.

As with every Elusive Target, you’ll only have one shot at taking out Busey. The game won’t tell you exactly where he is or what exactly he looks like (though in this case, any fan of Point Break has an advantage), and once he’s killed in the game world, he’s killed for good. The target won’t show up again if you reload and there are no checkpoints. So plan well, plan carefully, and make sure you can make it out alive when you pull the trigger, because there are no second chances.


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