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Everything You Need to Know About Pokémon GO


Everything You Need to Know About Pokémon GO

It’s time to REALLY catch ’em all.

What Is It?

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Pokemon GO is the long-awaited Pokemon smartphone game that combines the lovable creatures with the technology of augmented reality. Just as is the ultimate goal in any game in the series, in Pokemon GO you’re tasked with catching ’em all. To do this, you’ll explore the real-world, using your phone as a viewfinder of sorts to spot Pokemon hiding around you.

Exploring new areas will yield different creatures to be captured, meaning the more you venture and explore, the more impressive your Pokedex is going to look. Once you’ve found a Pokemon, you’ll grab the Pokeball that appears on your touchscreen and throw it toward the target. You’ll have to be careful though, as a poorly thrown Pokeball could lead to your target escaping.

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