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Free Doom Update Adds Two New Modes, Double XP Weekend Announced


Free Doom Update Adds Two New Modes, Double XP Weekend Announced

Paving the way for the first DLC, releasing next week.

With Doom set to receive its first full multiplayer expansion, Unto the Evil, next week, id is paving the way with a massive weekend planned for the game. Not only will players receive double XP for July 29-31, but the developer is also dropping a heap of new content tomorrow, July 29.

The update, simply called Free Update 2, will introduce two new multiplayer modes. Exodus is a one-flag capture-the-flag mode in which the bases and flag keep changing positions. Then Sector is a capture-and-hold type game mode where players must secure different zones in order to gain points. Both will be available for all current and future maps.

Meanwhile, SnapMap is also getting some attention. The update will add new features like customizable weapon wheel functionality, jump pads, 30 new Hell modules, an expanded weapons list, and a new playable demon, the Mancubus.

But all of this is only a taste, as Unto the Evil launches next week. The DLC includes “three new multiplayer maps, a brand-new playable demon called The Harvester, a new weapon (the EMG Mark V pistol), the new Kinetic Mine equipment, a bad-ass robotic armor set with new customization options, new hack modules, taunts and more,” Bethesda lists on the publisher’s website.

In an effort to keep the player-base as unfragmented as possible, Doom will also be adding what the developers call PartyPlay. If even a single person in a party has purchased the new content, all players in that party will be able to experience it.

As we continue to find out more about Unto the Evil and the future of Doom, keep checking back right here on Twinfinite.

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