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Doom Hits New Low Price of $28 on the PC


Doom Hits New Low Price of $28 on the PC

Got a friend who hasn’t picked up the new Doom, particularly during the recent Steam Summer Sale? Well, if you need to get your buddy to purchase for some co-op action the PC version of Doom has never been cheaper. This weekend GMG launched their Bethesda Titles sale with some impressive discounts on select Bethesda titles combining with coupon code for extra savings.

The big two deals to look at are Doom and Fallout 4. Both titles are at their all-time historic low price, which is respectable when you figure that this the week after the ending of Steam’s Summer Sale.

The best discounts are made by stacking a 20% off coupon on top of existing instant savings. In the case of Doom, you’ll see the price has been reduced to $35.99 – as cheap as it ever got during the Steam Summer Sale. But use the coupon listed below during checkout and Doom will drop to a mere $28.79 – a new low by over $5 when compared to the previous dale.

Use Code: DEALZON20

Top Bethesda Deals:

Elder Scrolls:



This Bethesda sale is only valid through Thursday, July 14th at 9AM Pacific. After that point only the 20% off coupon code will be functioning (coupon doesn’t expire for awhile yet). That does give you almost a week to take advantage of these offers, but what we’ve seen in the past is that hot offers like these can get pulled from publishers slightly early once the promotion has effectively gotten the buzz out. It’ll be interesting to see if the headliner titles such as Doom and Fallout 4 will keep their discount through the entire duration of the sale. If any prices change, expect us to update above.

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