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Trump Targets Clinton With Pokemon GO Parody

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Trump Targets Clinton With Pokemon GO Parody

Make America the very best, like no one ever was again.

In the week since Pokemon GO’s launch it has overtaken Twitter in daily user count and become a more Googled topic than porn, but you know it’s really a big deal hen the US Presidential nominees are getting in on the action.

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have made recent mentions of the hit mobile game, albeit in entirely different capacities. During a rally in Annandale, Virginia, Clinton said, “I don’t know who created Pokemon GO, but we need to figure out how to make them Pokemon go… to the polls.”

Trump, however, opted to share a brand new campaign ad called Crooked Hillary NO, to slam Clinton.

The ad shows the familiar game being played, with Clinton on-screen, attempting to be caught. The Poke Ball throw is successful in catching “Crooked Hillary,” whose stats include “30,000 e-mails deleted.”

Trump has also stated that he wishes he had time to play Pokemon GO, but as of yet he hasn’t picked it up.

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