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Diablo III is Getting Three More Difficulty Levels and Other Improvements


Diablo III is Getting Three More Difficulty Levels and Other Improvements

All the challenge!

In the latest patch notes for Diablo III, Blizzard Entertainment gave us a quick rundown of everything that’s coming up in patch 2.4.2. It’s a pretty sizable one. First up, the game will be getting three more difficulty levels for players who just can’t get enough of the challenge.

‘With new power comes a desire to test your strength. If you’ve sharpened your weapons on Torment X and are ready for new challenges, you’ll be happy to hear we’ve added Torment XI–XIII difficulties to the game, and filled them with progressively better loot—so get out there and wreck face, nephalem!’

Some items have also been updated, and the game’s UI has also been improved. Players who love taking screenshots will soon be able to do so with one hotkey. The game’s adventure mode is also getting a few tweaks:

‘We’re also sweetening Adventure Mode rewards, starting with Nephalem Rifts. You’re now guaranteed a Greater Rift Key when completing any Rift, with a chance to get a second (or even a third) key as you increase the game’s difficulty. We’ve also adjusted drop rates for Infernal Machines, with a 100% drop chance in Torment IV, and an increasing chance for a second machine to drop as you go up in difficulty.’

It’s cool to see Diablo III getting so many updates and even making a big turnaround from how it was at launch.

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