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Destiny’s Year Two Moments of Triumph Revealed

Year Two Destiny

Destiny’s Year Two Moments of Triumph Revealed

They are finally here.

It’s Bungie Day and just like last year, Bungie has finally spilled the beans on Destiny’s Year Two Moments of Triumph.

What are Moments of Triumph you Year Two players ask? It’s a list of feats for your Guardian to complete before the start of the next year of Destiny. Last year, it featured challenges such as taking out Skolas, completing the two Year One raids, and competing the in the crucible. Obviously, since it’s Year Two now, the challenges will take you down The Taken King’s memory lane. Let’s dig into what you’ll have to do.

Moments of Triumph

Like last year, there’s a mix of some easier, and tougher Destiny challenges to take on. Unlike last year, there are different tiers of rewards depending on how many you can complete. Every two feats unlocks a new tier, culminating into a fancy emblem to show off to your friends that start in Year Three (geez that’s weird to think about). Also new: You can actually check your progress in-game this time at the Postmaster.

The toughest for non-PvP Destiny players will be clearing the Crucible themed challenge, “This is Amazing.” If you’re not a big fan, get started on that one right away because it could take you a while. The rest aren’t really too bad if you’ve kept up with Year Two. If you’re not a raider, you might want to start finding a group to take out Oryx on hard. Also, if you skipped out on finishing up the calcified fragments after getting your Touch of Malice, you’ll have to go back and get any that you skipped.

It all sounds good and grand. There’s one strange element of this year’s version though that’s new. If you complete all of the challenges, in addition to your Year Two emblem, you’ll get an exclusive… shirt that you can buy at the Bungie store. Yeah, kind of weird, but at least the proceeds for it go to charity, so that’s cool at least.

You can get started on your progress right away, as it’s live now. How much of you Destiny fans are already done? Or are you like me and it’s back to orbit for you? Let us know in the comments.

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