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Pokken Tournament is Getting a Dark New Character in Japan


Pokken Tournament is Getting a Dark New Character in Japan

Bandai Namco has announced that the next Pokemon to join Pokken Tournament roster is the nightmare Pokemon Darkrai.

Bandai Namco released a new trailer for Pokken Tournament which revealed that Darkrai is joining the fight.

The trailer shows off Darkrai’s unique fighting style which includes the ability to create and blow up clones of itself, countering enemies into an aerial attack, and bombarding grounded opponents with dark orbs. Something interesting to note, however, is that multiple times during the trailer as Darkrai fought against Lucario, red dots appeared on his chest when he used some of his moves such as his clone attack. It’s not clear if this is some type of added affect that may alter how Darkrai plays as the fight progresses, but it was interesting to see.

Along Darkrai’s combat, the new Pokken Tournament trailer showed off the other recently announced Pokemon; Garchomp, Braixen, and Shadow Mewtwo.

At the time of writing, Darkrai hasn’t been confirmed for the Wii U version yet but it will be added to the arcade version on July 20.

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