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CS:GO Has a Gambling Ring Run by Two Big YouTubers

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO Has a Gambling Ring Run by Two Big YouTubers

Don’t gamble it all away, now.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has skins for your guns that you can pay for with real money, if you so choose. While it’s not exactly a secret that prominent YouTubers ProSyndicate and TmarTn own a website that you can use to gamble skins, what is new is that they’ve been promoting their site in their own videos to their own subscribers without revealing that information. Combined, their numbers are over 10 million subscribers.

The skins market is worth over $2.3 billion alone (at least, it was in 2015), and Valve already has a lawsuit going against it for continuing unregulated. According to TmarTn on Twitter, it’s always been made transparent that the two own the site, but that clearly hasn’t been the case. Neither of their LinkedIn profiles show the company on their resumes. Currently, Syndicate (VP of the company) has said that from now on, they’ll be more transparent about ownership, even though he’s not backing down on the CS:GO site stealing from or scamming players.

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