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Blizzard is Working On Helping Overwatch’s Competitive Skill Rating Make More Sense

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Blizzard is Working On Helping Overwatch’s Competitive Skill Rating Make More Sense

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Overwatch’s competitive ranked mode is now live, and it came with a lot of complaints from the player base. Most notably, players were upset that having a leaver in the match (whether on your team or the opponent’s) would greatly decrease the skill rating progress you earned if you won. Blizzard has since patched the game so that there will be no adjustments to the skill rating progress in the event that you encounter a leaver.

In the same thread on the forum, Overwatch’s community manager also acknowledged the widespread complaints about the way the game’s skill rating worked.

“Things like your team’s probability of success, your individual performance, and win/loss streaks can all affect how your Skill Rating is adjusted at the end of a match. These factors are there for a reason (to help make Skill Rating as accurate as possible), but we know that it’s not always clear right now why your Skill Rating is adjusted the way it is.

That’s a concern for us, because we not only want Skill Rating to be accurate, but also for it to make sense. The fact that it doesn’t is good feedback for us, and seeing how we can make Skill Rating feel better/be clearer is definitely something we’ll be keeping in mind as we look at ways to improve Competitive Play for future seasons.”

Blizzard also mentioned that a lot of this confusion likely stemmed from their own lack of clarity rather than existing bugs in the game, but they would continue to examine their systems and mechanics when looking to make improvements for the future.

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