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New Dontnod Spin-Off Studio’s First Game Is Nothing at All Like Life Is Strange

Battlecrew space pirates

New Dontnod Spin-Off Studio’s First Game Is Nothing at All Like Life Is Strange

Game development can be strange.

Dontnod Eleven, a new re-branded spin-off studio working in collaboration with the people behind Life is Strange, aka regular ol’ Dontnod Entertainment, announced today that it is releasing a new competitive multiplayer shooter called Battlecrew Space Pirates. It couldn’t be anything less like Life is Strange which you can see for yourself in the game’s trailer below.

There’s nothing wrong with trying something new and Dontnod Eleven is certainly free to do that. It’s hard to really say much about Battlecrew Space Pirates until we get to actually go hands on. Right now it looks exactly as described, a competitive shooter with a cartoonish space-piratey theme. So take it or leave it, ARRR!

Battlecrew Space Pirates will be out on Steam Early Access soon according to the game’s press release, so keep an eye out on that if this looks up your alley. We should have a clearer picture on what this game’s deal is then.


Battlecrew Space Pirates aside for a moment, Life is Strange slowly evolved into a pretty big hit and has built up an extremely loyal following, especially in places such as Tumblr. Many are looking Dontnod’s way to see if there’s a future for the franchise. As far as the games go, between Dontnod Entertainment focusing on Vampyr and now Dontnod Eleven revealing Battlecrew Space Pirates, the future is a little unclear at the moment. There are still unannounced projects from the indie studio though which could be anything, including a new Life is Strange game. So time will tell.

However, Life is Strange will at least continue in other media through the form of a digital live-action series which you can read about right here.

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