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Animal Shelter Uses Pokemon GO to Catch Volunteers


Animal Shelter Uses Pokemon GO to Catch Volunteers

Gotta walk ’em all!

Pokemon GO has been out for only a week and it has already become hugely popular among gamers. The augmented reality game allows players to catch Pokemon on their phones from real locations.

It’s all a lot of fun, but Muncie Animal Rescue Shelter in Indiana is using the craze to attract volunteers to walk their dogs. The shelter has released a poster inviting Pokemon trainers to come to the shelter and walk one of their dogs in order to get their steps.

Trainers who are interested need only go to the front desk and say that they are there for the Pokemon dogs! It’s a win-win, the dogs get to stretch their legs outside and the trainer can be on the look out for Pokemon whilst gettting their steps in.

It’s great to see this craze being used to help a good cause. If you’re interested and live in the area, we urge you to head on down there. How often are you likely to get to walk a Pokemon dog?

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