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All July 2016 Video Game Releases


All July 2016 Video Game Releases

The drought begins.

July kicks off the official start of 2016’s summer drought. Since all of the big developers and publishers start preparing for Q4, also known as the holiday season, there aren’t as many ‘big’ releases during the summer. That doesn’t mean that there will be nothing to play of course, just that variety is a bit different, and indie games will make up a bulk of the offerings.

Week One (July 1 – 9)

the banner saga 2, games, july

The first week of July is full of variety. From tactical-RPGs to mech shooters, those looking for something to play will most likely find something here. The Banner Saga 2 kicks things off by continuing the critically acclaimed story, even allowing you to import your previous save files to pick up exactly where you left off. Rocket League: Collector’s Edition hits retail shelves, so now there’s literally no reason not to play it (unless you have no money, of course). And the mech shooter Hawken hits PS4 and Xbox One.

  • The Banner Saga 2 (Xbox One) – July 1
  • Ethan: Meteor Hunter (Xbox One) – July 1
  • The Banner Saga 2 (PS4) – July 5
  • Energy Hook (PS4) – July 5
  • Furi (PS4, PC) – July 5
  • Lost Sea (PS4) – July 5
  • Rocket League: Collector’s Edition (Retail – Xbox One, PS4, PC) – July 5
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII (PS4, PC) – July 5
  • The Room 2 (PC) – July 5
  • CastleStorm (Rift, Gear VR) – July 7
  • Inside (PC) – July 7
  • The Lion’s Song – Episode 1: Silence (PC) – July 7
  • Nurse Love Addiction (PC) – July 7
  • Trizeal Remix (PC) – July 7
  • Carmageddon: Max Damage (Xbox One, PS4) – July 8
  • Hawken (Xbox One, PS4) – July 8

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