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Achievement Hunter Launches a Reality Competition For Gamer Kids


Achievement Hunter Launches a Reality Competition For Gamer Kids

Go, kids, go!

We’ve all seen Rooster Teeth’s Achievement Hunter videos, where their staff just messes around in games for fun (and more often than not, someone dies). Whether you’ve seen their amazingly stupid GTA V heists, or GO, they’ve provided a ton of laughs over the years, and now they find themselves with a new challenge: training younger gamers.

The AH crew will be hosting a new video reality series called “Schooled”, where they’ll train a group of kids to become “crack video game experts”. One team will be led by the founder, Geoff Ramsey (voice of Grif on Red vs. Blue), while the other team will be led by Slow-Mo Guys creator Gavin Free. Should Gavin’s team win, Geoff will have to get a tattoo of Free’s nose to scale on whatever part of Geoff’s body hasn’t been covered in tattoo’s yet. If Ramsey wins, Gavin can never talk again.

To sign your kid up, they have to be between the ages of 8-12 and available to be in Austin, TX from August 5-17. All you have to do is submit a short video explaining why they should be chosen to [email protected], and then Achievement Hunter will get back to you.

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