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7 Video Game Endings Almost Everyone Hates


7 Video Game Endings Almost Everyone Hates

Maybe these games should have ended sooner.

With hundreds of games released every year, there are bound to be some that have truly atrocious endings. Whether it’s by a poorly paced story, needlessly annoying cliffhanger or just a twist that doesn’t do the rest of the game justice. An ending is a reward for all of the player’s hard work, a chance to see what happens after a truly grueling boss fight or challenging segment. They are meant to not only be rewards for all your hard work but wrap up any loose ends within the story itself.

mass effect

Then there are some video game endings that seem to forget that their job is to leave us walking away satisfied and not staring at the screen in pure frustration. When looking over the massive library of titles we picked 7 endings that bothered us the most for one reason or another. We judged these not only on their narrative influence over the main story, but how it fits in with the game itself and if the ending is generally satisfying for the player. We realize that not everyone may have the same experiences or even interpretations, but these are 7 endings that really needed to go back to the drawing board.

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