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5 Ways Pokemon GO Has Reignited the Need for Pokemon Snap 2


5 Ways Pokemon GO Has Reignited the Need for Pokemon Snap 2

It’s been too darn long!

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Sharing Photos

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While a majority of Pokemon GO’s gameplay is focused on capturing Pokemon, training them up, and battling them at Gyms, there’s also a pretty neat side feature, too. With the use of the in-game camera, you can take photos of the Pokemon that you find as you explore the great outdoors, providing some pretty great results. A Pidgey on the back of your dog is now a thing, as is a Psyduck lookin’ pretty fly in the entrance of a casino.

As we took funny or impressive photos of Pokemon looking majestic or downright stupid in the real-world, it got us thinking about how fun just taking photos of Pokemon in interesting poses was. A lot has changed since Pokemon Snap released on the N64, including the surging rise of social media. Now when you take a photo, it won’t just get saved on your console, only to be seen by people who visit your home, you could share it online with your followers and friends instantly. If items and props returned in the Pokemon Snap sequel, there would be plenty more opportunities for even better photos than Pokemon GO, and Pokemon’s domination of social media would reach a whole new level.

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